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English Slang – Z

ZAPPED – /Means: Exhausted/ – /Example: She was too zapped to even think about it./ – Дуже втомлений ZIP – /Means: Nothing/ – /Example: She knew zip about painting./ – Нічого ZIT – /Means: Pimple/ – /Example: There was a new zit on her face./ – Прищик ZONKED OUT /Means: To fall asleep/ – /Example: […]

Englihsh Slang – Y

YAK – /Means: To Talk/ – /Example: Stop yaking and get busy./ – Теревеніти, базікати, патякати YUMMY – /Means: Tasty/ – /Example: They always have yummy food./ – Смачний, привабливий, спокусливий YUKKY – /Means: Bad/ – /Example: This fish is yukky./ – Поганий

English Slang – X

English Slang – W

WACKY – /Means: Wierd, abnormal/ – /He is wacky!/ – Чудний, ненормальний WHAT’S UP? – /Means: What’s new?/ – Що нового? WHIP IT! – /Means: To win/ – Здобути перемогу; побити, перевершити WIMP – /Means: Weak, boring person/ – /He is such a wimp./ – Слинько, нудотна персона WIPE OUT – Спочатку цю фразу почали […]

English Slang – V

VIBE – /Means: Feeling/ – /Example: I’ve got some good vibes about it./ – Почуття, відчуття або вплив VEG OUT – /Means: To relax/ – /Example: She was just veging out all day long./ – Відпочивати

English Slang – U

UPCHUCK – /Means: To vomit/ – /Example: I feel like I want to upchuck./ – Блювати UPTIGHT – /Means: Frigid, conventional, stressed/ – /Example: She was so uptight about her coming vacation./ – Схвильований, збуджений, занепокоєний

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