Online Certifications VS Expensive Diplomas

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Online Certifications VS Expensive Diplomas

Postby Charliepace » Tue Dec 17, 2019 1:43 pm

I have seen many of my friends who are jobless even they did expensive diplomas from well-known universities. What do you guys think in 2020 the diploma grads will be getting the maximum jobs or the ones having work experience with various online courses?
I, myself have studied too much through different e-learning methods ( but still confused after looking at the job market.
Anybody can help?
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Re: Online Certifications VS Expensive Diplomas

Postby christinesinek » Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:16 pm

Hey, you look quite confused about your career. In this advance and continuously evolving era, one should not just rely on certifications or degrees. You must have to master any technical skill. Master any skill and then sell it on the internet, just like my friend, he was good at writing, he took a few languages and creative writing classes to enhance his skills, and one day he started his own business where he helps students with their essays and assignments. I've seen his work and how he took his business from scratch to diamond. I think this is enough to motivate you to don't rely on degrees and diplomas and think about mastering any skill and doing your own business. Best law essay writing service is now one of the UK's most favorite academic writing service that generates revenue of more than $100,000 revenue every year.

And now come to your point, degree or certifications? CERTIFICATIONS FOR SURE!
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