of Mock Draft camels. Now, back to the 2019 NFL Playoffs. I

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of Mock Draft camels. Now, back to the 2019 NFL Playoffs. I

Postby elaine95 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 9:04 am

Here’s what they got."It’s NFL Conference Championship week [url=http://www.thetexanslockerroom.com/authentic-natrell-jamerson-jersey]Womens Natrell Jamerson Jersey[/url] , and I haven’t given a speck of thought to the Houston Texans’ upcoming offseason. There will be months of it. Nine, in fact, until the Texans play another game. There will be all of February to talk talk about free agency, and March will be split between both free agency the upcoming draft, with April full of draft talk. All that will be here soon. What we have right now is finite. Three more games, soon to disappear altogether entirely. Loyal reader, I wanted to take a second from my monomaniacal pursuit to summarize the resources available to the Texans this offseason for everyone who is in that mode.For those who have already moved forward to 2019. As of right now, the Texans have $67,097,417.00 in cap space. This is the sixth most in the league. They’ll be paying $1,769,452 in dead money to Jeff Allen, Braxton Miller, Tyler Ervin, and Treston Decoud. Remember them? This number is also before potential cuts. Houston can save $14 million if they cut Demaryius Thomas, $9,069 [url=http://www.thetexanslockerroom.com/authentic-nick-martin-jersey]Nick Martin Jersey White[/url] ,000 if they cut Kevin Johnson, $6,203,125 if they cut Lamar Miller, $2,687,500 if they cut Ryan Griffin, and dare I say it, $13 million if they cut J.J. Watt. Whitney Mercilus is also a possible trade piece; Houston would save $6,250,000 if they cut ties with Mercilus. $67 million is a lot of money, especially for a playoff team to have at their disposal. The joys of having a quarterback on a rookie contract. The Texans have fifteen unrestricted free agents, three restricted free agents, and one exclusive rights free agent. That’s a long list. Rather than waste paper, here’s the list of free agents Houston has via Over The Cap. In addition to the $67 million in cap space, players they can release to create more room, and the 17 free agents they have this offseason [url=http://www.thetexanslockerroom.com/authentic-deandre-hopkins-jersey]DeAndre Hopkins Jersey[/url] , the Texans have draft picks. They finally have their first and second round picks again after the [NAME REDACTED] trade zapped a second rounder; their 2018 first rounder was lost in moving up to select Deshaun Watson. By trading second team All-Pro tackle Duane Brown in 2017, the Texans gained a second rounder in the 2019 NFL Draft. Houston will select 23rd overall in the first round, and then have back-to-back second round picks with the 54th and 55th overall selections before moving on to their third, fifth, sixth and seventh round selections as well.The fourth rounder is now Denver’s via the acquisition of Demaryius Thomas back in October.These are the resources Brian Gaine has to work with this spring. Keep this in mind as you scour upcoming free agents and stroll through cyberspace on the backs of Mock Draft camels. Now, back to the 2019 NFL Playoffs. I assume people my age are getting married and having babies. I am not. While they are dragging around their progeny to show off, I am instead getting ready for THE BIG GAME by making a giant bowl of chili, which I too will be showing off and taking somewhere. Awww, look at how tasty he is!For the Super Bowl, I’ll be going over to a friend’s house with a slow cooked concoction of fatty pork, fatty beef, beans, hot sauce, corn, and whatever else, topped with cheese, sour cream [url=http://www.thetexanslockerroom.com/authentic-derek-newton-jersey]http://www.thetexanslockerroom.com/authentic-derek-newton-jersey[/url] , and hot sauce, along with some kombucha, and maybe some beet chips. It’s still early in the year. I still have some hopes and dreams until the summer comes around and breaks my heart again. Once there, I’ll hate the commercials, feel disgusting rooting for Tom Brady, maybe smoke a single cigarette (who knows?), drink some coffee, watch the interior of the Patriots’ offensive line against Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, and watch how the Patriots’ linebackers deal with the Rams’ play action and outside zone run game. That’s my plan. Anyways, what about you? What are you cooking up? Did you place any bets? Which trough are you going to slather around in with the other hogs? Is there some yearly tradition you have to celebrate the most American of all days? Whatever your plans, let us know in the Comments. If you’re watching the Super Bowl and still trying to figure out what you’re going to do, or if you’ll be a stranger in a strange land looking for somewhere to catch the game, pose any queries here; someone might have a suggestion for you. Similarly, if you’ve got a worthy spot staked out somewhere and want to clue fellow Texans fans in to it, please divulge that information in the Comments as well.
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