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How the Saints hammer defenses from Empty." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteCanal Street Chroniclesa New Orleans Saints communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsLibrarySaintsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections InterviewsNew Orleans Saints SatireWho Dat HistoryCanal Street Chronicles TutorialThe Legend of the Saints’ weak side optionHow the Saints hammer defenses from Empty.CSTShareTweetShareShareThe Legend of the Saints’ weak side optionDerick E. Hingle-USA TODAY SportsThe world would be a different place if the Saints had played with any sort of defense for the vast majority of the Drew Brees era. Since 2006 [url=]Josh Hill Jersey Stitched[/url] , the Saints have trotted out more below 30 defenses than a Canadian winter. Offenses drive teams forward, and certainly the Saints have had the offensive equivalent to the Batmobile in the same 13-year time span, but to consistently make and win Super Bowls, the defense has to be something more than a 2007 Honda Civic. In 8 of Brees’ 13 years, the defense has ranked 22nd or lower in DVOA. Five times they’ve been 30th or worse. The 2017 and 2018 Saints found the defense they were looking for and finished 8th and 11th respectively on that side of the ball. The results were two straight playoff berths.The more you win, the more your past is presented as some sort of grand tale of defying the odds and inventive scheming. The Saints haven’t won enough for how good their offense is, so the mainstream media doesn’t talk about them.Hopefully, after the Brees-Payton era has long finished, it will get the legendary status that it deserves. The Patriots just won a Super Bowl where in their game-winning drive, they lined up in an Empty formation for four straight plays of the drive. They ran the same play on each of those plays. Brady went 4/4. Patriots win. The stuff of legends. Now, the whole world knows what Hoss Y-Juke is. The play that won the Super Bowl.This is a great play, and the Patriots have been deadly from Empty formations running this play or their Hoss X-Follow concepts for a number of years. With that said, the Saints have been just as dominant, if not more dominant from their Empty package that has evolved in the last two years to become almost unstoppable. The Saints might only have one Super Bowl, but it’s time to start mythologizing this team. This tale is called Never Been Wrong: The story of the Weak Side Option Route. Both the Saints and Patriots prefer to run option routes when they go Empty. The Pats tend to do it from the strong side (the three-receiver side), while the Saints do it from the weak side (the two-receiver side). The reason why option (or “choice”) routes are so prevalent from Empty formations is because with the defense spread out, it forces them to concede certain one versus one situations. The Saints get their isolated matchup between the weak side slot and the weak side linebacker (Will) or the weak side safety. Either Michael Thomas, a very good receiver, or Alvin Kamara, another very good receiver [url=]Youth Terron Armstead Jersey[/url] , will be put in this position. The goal is for the outside receiver to run off whoever is covering him to set up the isolation for the slot receiver. You can see here against 1-high coverage, that the cornerback has to respect the deep route of the the wide receiverThe option route gives the slot receiver three choices predicated on the how the defender on top of him is playing. Essentially, he’s doing the opposite of that defender. After about 4-5 yards, if the guy is playing inside, run out. If he’s playing outside, run inside on a slant. If you feel like he’s playing deeper in zone, you sit down and hook up.Defenses generally don’t want to give away the inside, so from these positions Kamara or Thomas will often run an out for the easiest completion of all time. You don’t want to give the an inside release to either Thomas or Kamara, because then this happens:With a quarterback as smart and accurate as Brees, the defense can never be right unless they put extra defenders to that side. Both 13 and 41 have caught so many balls from this concept. It’s always open.The first answer for defenses is to bring the middle linebacker to the weak side slot receiver to effectively double cover him. Now, the receiver can’t go out, can’t go in and has to run a hook. The Saints don’t want that. How Brees will combat this is by always looking at the middle linebacker right when he takes the snap. If he does run to the weak side, Brees will then look to the strong side and find his “Stick” concept. By committing an extra player to the weak side, the defense is conceding territory to the strong side. Brees has run this “stick” play since he was in high school, it’s one of the most common pass plays in football and he can usually find a completion to that side.The Saints will run a few different variations of this concept like this slot fade version.One of my favorite progressions was when they felt like the Mike would start jumping the stick route. The Saints would run the same stick route, but the No. 2 receiver would run a deeper in route to take advantage of a low Mike. It really helps when you can put your best receiver there.Okay, so the Stick route and its variations take care of a defense when the linebacker moves to double the slot receiver, but what if they double the slot receiver with the cornerback? The first answer is to throw over the cornerback before the safety can get there. Quarterbacks don’t generally like throwing into this window but if there’s anyone that can do it it’s Drew Brees.Brees also knows that he’s so supremely accurate and quick that he can fit the ball into the slot receiver before the cornerback comes inside. Even if the defense does everything right, Brees can still find a 5-yard completion.As Brees has mastered the art of playing quarterback, he’s been able to manipulate his drop back to be more efficient. Sean Payton will put the option route to both the right or left of his quarterback and Brees changes his footwork to account for either side.To his right [url=]Terron Armstead Jersey Stitched[/url] , there is no issue. He just opens normally, turns his shoulders to the right sideline, crosses his feet over and can see the the whole play develop before he softly puts the ball right into his receivers hands.He can’t perform the same drop back looking for a receiver on the left because a human neck is not that flexible. For this drop back, he’ll keep his shoulders parallel to the line of scrimmage for as long as possible before finishing his drop back and firing the ball in.The weak side option route is not the only concept the Saints will run out of Empty sets, but it’s there most used and, ultimately, their best one. They can also get into the same play by lining the running back in the backfield but then releasing him to that same slot back position after the snap. As a bonus, here’s a cut up I made of every time Kamara caught this route in 2017. After nearly two weeks of not being able to write or talk about the NFC Championship game (due to being emotional distraught), I thought I would share some of my observations and thoughts on the situation. Over the course of the last two weeks I have seen many Who Dats on Twitter expressing their thoughts and feelings on the outcome of the Championship game. Many Saints fans have dubbed the NFL as the “new WWE”, or believe a conspiracy theory that the NFL wanted the Rams in the Super Bowl. While this feels good to say, the NFL is not the WWE, but could be well on their way. How could the NFL allow four officials with Southern California ties officiate a CHAMPIONSHIP game in which their hometown team was participating? At the very least, there was a MASSIVE oversight on the league’s part. At the worst鈥ollowing the game, it was well documented by local and national media that the response from the league was鈥?non-existent. The fact that the league did not say a word shows the lack of respect that they not only have for their fans in general, but the New Orleans community and franchise. The silence was deafening, but it reminded many sports fans of the response Umpire Jim Joyce made after botching a perfect game. Jim Joyce publicly apologized, and admitted his mistake on the call. Detroit hated him, and continues to do so, the baseball community still holds some respect for him. The NFL and its new wave of incompetent officials have not done anything of the sort during this era of football. Furthermore, there has been little accountability of NFL officials (at least publicly) [url=]Youth Thomas Morstead Jersey[/url] , while the accountability for players, coaches and teams has never been higher.In the case of the 2018 NFC Championship, the NFL staying silent has spoken volumes. The NFL, especially Roger Goodell, seems to have a bias against the Saints franchise and it’s coach. Goodell made it well known during “Bountygate” following the 2011 season that he was going to make an example out of the Saints. His crusade against the Saints was seen by many to help alleviate his image that he did not care about player health and safety. The Saints were merely his scapegoat. The no-call and lack of response in the NFC Championship game only helped to bolster the claim that Goodell has had it out for the Saints.The man makes 40 million dollars a year. Over the course of the last five years he has been embroiled by controversy after controversy to include: player drug issues, DWI, domestic abuse, social justice, child abuse, * assault, and I’m probably missing nearly a dozen more issues that he has stayed silent on. He is the face of the NFL, and the fact that NFL owners are okay with that is cause for concern.Finally, during his Super Bowl presser he only took questions from one NOLA reporter, and dismissed the rest. He qualified the mistake by chalking it up to “being human”. Probably the biggest lowlight of the presser was his claim that had talked to numerous Saints players. However, it turns out that he hadn't. Goodell later came out and said that his words had been mis-characterized and that he had not actually lied. The fact he had to even come out with a rebuttal says a lot too.The Saints fans deserve a little bit more than what the NFL and Roger Goodell have given them. The game will never be replayed, and Super Bowl LIII will go on as planned. Had the NFL pulled a Jim Joyce, maybe they too would still hold some respect in the city of New Orleans.
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