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e company’s direct-to-consumer s

Postby caicai2017 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:35 am

Not only did the shoe sell out, but it converted Chang fans into Nike ones. Faris’s team followed the Chang shoppers on the Snkrs app for four weeks after the shoe’s release. “They entered 30% more drops and spent twice as much money as normal consumers,” Faris says. “We won foodies into the sneaker-culture tribe.”

Beyond the cool factor that these initiatives cultivate, there are the APIs, which can [url=http://www.djim.fr/Nike-Air-Max-Tavas-Femme-c-1_32.html]Nike Air Max Tavas Femme[/url] be plugged into other [url=http://www.robertrizzo.nl/Nike-Air-Vapormax-Dames-c-38.html]Nike Air Vapormax Dames[/url] Nike apps. Faris envisions being able to allow runners who use the Nike Run Club app, for instance, to unlock a limited-edition performance shoe by completing certain tasks. Nike’s digital ecosystem isn’t yet stitched together as closely as it needs to be to pull this off. But Sussman says it is getting there. “It’s great to have different product teams dedicated to each of these experiences,” he says of Nike’s various apps, “because they all come up with such different ideas.”

Sussman, who joined the company in 2014 as head of global strategy, credits his background in video-game publishing–with stints at Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts, and Disney–as key to his current role. “I learned how to drive consumer connections and leverage new technologies for the sake of better entertaining or serving the [url=http://www.wimatherm.de/nike-air-vapormax-c-49/nike-air-vapormax-damen-c-49_50/]Nike Air Vapormax Damen[/url] customer,” he says. [url=http://www.dennishayes.co.uk/nike-air-max-command-c-99/nike-air-max-command-womens-c-99_100/]Nike Air Max Command Womens[/url] He points to a new program for the main Nike app that, though still in beta, shows how far he’d like to take things. Nike 1:1 is an experiment in something called conversational commerce, where consumers with very specific interests are paired with an expert who can help them achieve their goals, anything from finding a trendy pair of shoes (via a stylist) to training for a 5K (with a competitive runner). “Our experts will be able to get you the right gear,” says Michelle Goad, who runs the program. “But then there is all this added value. They’ll follow up with training plans and guided runs and invite you to meetups. Keep you on point, so you don’t quit.”

The company is also using data to identify underserved demographic groups and address them in new ways. One cohort Nike has recently begun targeting is female [url=http://www.robertrizzo.nl/Nike-Air-Max-90-Dames-Zwart-c-15.html]Nike Air Max 90 Dames Zwart[/url] sneakerheads. [url=http://www.wimatherm.de/nike-air-max-2017-c-16/nike-air-max-2017-damen-c-16_17/]Nike Air Max 2017 Damen[/url] During All-Star Weekend, the company debuted several lines of limited-edition women’s shoes, including reinvented versions of classic Jordan models, which sold out immediately. A week later, the company announced Nike Unlaced, a retail experience for female sneaker fans that launched online at the end of March and will roll out to physical stores this fall. Members of the platform will get same-day delivery on street-style collaborations and the chance to make one-on-one appointments with guest stylists. “There’s the style-obsessed female, and then there are women in the sneaker-fan community,” Sussman says. “We’ve found opportunities to serve both.”

Nike’s retail reorientation is showing results: The company’s direct-to-consumer sales grew 16% last year–compared with 6% for the entire Nike brand. The company is now [url=http://www.royerimprimeur.fr/Nike-Air-Huarache-Femme-c-22_23.html]Nike Air Huarache Femme[/url] thinking about further steps. Because once you start [url=http://www.benesserebuzz.it/Nike-Air-Huarache-Donne-c-32_33.html]Nike Air Huarache Donne[/url] learning what your customers want, why not feed that information into the very beginning of the Nike process–the creation of the shoe itself? For its latest project, S23NYC identified specific neighborhoods in several cities around the world where Snkrs data shows an unusual amount of demand. It recently sent researchers into those areas. “They’ll come back with videos, photo galleries, interviews,” Faris says. “They’ll really get a sense of that world–and will brief our footwear designers.”

These regional shoes–which the company plans to market to residents of each area, along with people elsewhere who share affinities with them–will start appearing in late summer. The design process will be compressed, in ways that eventually the entire company might be able to take advantage of. [url=http://www.alaouideco.fr/nike-air-force-c-4/nike-air-force-1-femme-c-4_5/]Nike Air Force 1 Femme[/url] “Because we can sell directly, we don’t have to get retailers to buy into our ideas,” Faris says. [url=http://www.djim.fr/Nike-Free-5.0-Femme-c-1_56.html]Nike Free 5.0 Femme[/url] “Usually, there are months spent working with the different retailers on how we want to target [customers]. All of that stuff? It goes away when you are building a one-on-one relationship with the consumer.”
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