The battle cry of the enraged right-wing of Brazil

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The battle cry of the enraged right-wing of Brazil

Postby jinpanlin520 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:55 am

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by Chris Dalby

BRASILIA, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- Fora Dilma. Dilma Out. The battle cry of the enraged right-wing of Brazil, which rang out around the streets for months, has come to pass. On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate voted to strip Dilma Rousseff of the presidency by 61 votes to 20.

This brings 13 years of leftist rule in Brazil to an end, leaving behind a complex legacy. Under the leadership of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010), the economy was transformed with the middle-class steadily expanding and the country's foreign debts virtually vanishing. His policies and that of his successor, Rousseff, were marked by broad public spending, through flagship programs such as Bolsa Familia (Family Grant) and Mi Casa, Mi Vida (My House, My Life).

However, the allegations which led to Rousseff's fall Wednesday began to appear. Allegations of corruption and cronyism marred Lula's terms in office before exploding into the light during the second term of his chosen successor, Rousseff.

The depth of the corruption revealed within Petrobras brought down or raised suspicions about leaders in every corner of Brazilian landscape. Last week, Lula was indicted on charges of corruption and money laundering. Today, Rousseff was brought down.

Yet, the end of this Workers' Party dynasty is unlikely to bring much respite. Operation Lava Jato continues to uncover evidence against leaders.

New President Michel Temer, who will rule until 2018, has been accused of soliciting bribes from a Petrobras subsidiary to fund his allies' political campaigns. His ally, Eduardo Cunha, has resigned as President of the Chamber of Deputies after being accused of holding illegal accounts overseas and soliciting bribes

Within a month of assuming power, three ministers had resigned from his interim government, due to facing corruption or bribery charges of their own.

Despite these challenges, Temer and his Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) have tried to portray themselves as the opposite of the Workers' Party.

The government is easing up on business regulations and loosening labor rules instead of favoring unions and tightening environmental laws. State companies such as Petrobras are seeing some of their assets privatized or are being encouraged to team up with the private sector. Markets have responded well to these moves, with investor confidence up. Convincing the Brazilian people may prove far tougher.

However, Temer cannot ignore the part that he played as vice-president to Rousseff. Seen as the manipulator behind Rousseff's impeachment, his poll ratings are not enviable either. A poll in July showed him to have an approval rating of just 14 percent, barely above the 13 percent Rousseff enjoyed prior to her suspension in May.

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