V4ink offer some suggestions of cartridge maintenance

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V4ink offer some suggestions of cartridge maintenance

Postby adtozhou » Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:26 pm

In order to ensure the normal operation of your purchased CF500X toner, we provide the following suggestions for your reference: Laser printers, like computers, are best placed in an air-conditioned environment for optimal printing results and reduced failure rates. Put the [url=http://v4toner.pixnet.net/blog]toner cartridge[/url] in the appropriate laser printer in the correct direction. Do not open the drum lens hood and touch the drum surface. Do not rotate the drum.

Laser HP CF500A for the silicone light conductor, there is the problem of fatigue, therefore, the continuous working time can not be too long, if the output is large, after a period of time to stop for a while and then continue to output. Some users use two powder boxes to work alternately, but also a way.

As for the cartridge maintenance, generally can be carried out as follows: (1) Carefully remove the cartridge assembly, wipe the surface with absorbent cotton wipe clean, but not hard to prevent scratches the surface of the cartridge. (2) Wipe the surface of the drum with a special cleaning agent that has been dipped in the cotton cloth. Wiping should take a spiral circle method, polish clean with cotton wool immediately after wiping clean. (3) with a piece of talc loaded gauze on the drum surface gently pat a layer of talcum powder, you can put back to use. (4) When changing the toner, pay attention to clean the waste toner in the waste toner collection bin to avoid affecting the output effect. Because too much waste toner accumulation, first of all there will be "leakage" phenomenon, that is, the output of the draft (usually vertical) irregular black spots, black, if not excluded and continue to use, after a period of time in Serious bottom ash (with longitudinal scratches) appears at the "leaky" area.The reason for this failure is that the waste toner accumulates too much at first, so that the waste toner produced again can not enter the waste toner production warehouse, and the waste toner in the waste toner warehouse will continuously "squeeze out" to produce the phenomenon of "powder leakage"

This article come from:http://v4toner.pixnet.net/blog/post/146913486
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