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Postby Tatti4ka » Tue Mar 03, 2015 3:45 pm

Could you check my translation?
*Sons and Lovers* is an autobiographic narration about two generations of one family. Before Lawrence, people have not known about such great works that were devoted to the life of ordinary people. The first part of the book narrates us about the childhood of the protagonist, Paul. He resembles Lawrence. His childhood was hard and the reason for it is the conflict between the father, who is a hard-working and cheerful man with a passion for alcohol and the mother, who is an imperious woman with many claims. The struggle between Paul’s mother and his beloved for the influence on him is in the limelight. Nevertheless, gradually, the relations between Paul and his girlfriend Miriam are over. Therefore, his mother is enjoying the victory but unfortunately she soon dies and Paul is left alone in the adult world. Thank you.
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