Genre: Dubstep

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Genre: Dubstep

Postby ashokrai » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:15 am

Dubstep rhythms are usually syncopated, and often shuffled or incorporating triplets. The tempo is nearly always in the range of 138-142bpm. In its early stages, dubstep was often more percussive, with more influences from 2-step and grime drum patterns.

Dubstep rhythms typically do not follow the four-to-the-floor patterns common in many other styles of electronic dance music such as techno and house but tend to rely on longer percussion loops than the four-bar phrases present in much techno or house. Often, a track's percussion will follow a pattern which when heard alone will appear to be playing at half the tempo of the track; the double-time feel is instead achieved by other elements, usually the bassline.

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Re: Genre: Dubstep

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