Favorite Meal...

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Favorite Meal...

Postby ashokrai » Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:17 pm

I love cuisine from other cultures, so I want to know what is the most memorable meal you have ever eaten?

I remember in Thailand they had this delicious shrimp...it was sashimi style but with a spicy pepper marinade to cook the shrimp...It was the most memorable and delicious food I have tasted...It was part of many smaller dishes but the shrimp dish was my favorite...It sounds odd but it is actually very delicious with the texture and flavor...FYI, you can cook most seafood this way....just marinate it in lemon or spicy pepper...

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Re: Favorite Meal...

Postby klimova » Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:57 pm

I cant even say. Maybe there was none like that(
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Re: Favorite Meal...

Postby aboelfotoh » Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:25 pm

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Re: Favorite Meal...

Postby Sobhana123 » Thu May 03, 2018 1:40 pm

hi. My favorite meals is tomato rice and dal rice.
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Re: Favorite Meal...

Postby Shinodaya » Thu May 10, 2018 12:24 pm

I have read it very well, feel very useful.
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Re: Favorite Meal...

Postby kabirthapar » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:58 am

Mine is roasted chicken :P
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Re: Favorite Meal...

Postby Uttam Gosh50 » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:02 pm

Indian people mostly like Rajma(Bean), Chawal (Rice). It is the most delicious indian food.
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