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An English Articles related to Buy FFXIV Gil

Postby bootypeno » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:29 pm

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Initially there will be a lot of angry gamers. However, after some roaring and flame wars on Internet forums, they will still sit down and play, and most people will like it anyway, even though they are themselves.

Square Enix has shown that it will not be copied directly. It will be very different from the original version, even with some smaller plot differences. No one will accept it well. It's unrealistic to expect that it's the same game. I've played the original version of PS one recently, and in the modern game culture, some annoying elements won't be well accepted. Since then, the game and the current market have undergone tremendous development, and it's impossible to meet the expectation.

Remake will retain many important elements of the original game, I think many of them will still cause some nostalgia among long-term fans, but the focus of development must be to attract a wide range of consumers, new and old. It may take some time for old fans to appear, but I think most people will eventually see this good change and be more or less happy.

What do I want to see in the remake?

As a more realistic world, the original game has a huge map, but a large part of it is empty. Technically, the world is sparsely populated. Once the first disc is removed, it feels small.

Gold plate needs new and exciting games. One of my favorite things about original games is gold saucer's game room. For developers, it's a good choice to attract players, add some real casino style games and arcade games that can be played.

Chocobo car, it needs a good betting system, and reproduction can be a more complex process.

I want to reduce the number of birds everywhere. Maybe there are only some areas for special keepers to enter, but I think the airship also needs some spotlights, and maybe even a little air combat.
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