What's new in the Medical Science?

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What's new in the Medical Science?

Postby Lensa » Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:04 pm

I am looking forward for the day when somebody will invent a 100% working cure to beat the cancer. What is there available now? Chemotherapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy (Gene therapy is the insertion of genes into an individual's cells and tissues to treat a disease, and hereditary diseases in which a defective mutant allele is replaced with a functional one. Although the technology is still in its infancy, it has been used with some success - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Seems to me the future is with the gene therapy. But immunotherapy is also very interesting and promising.

Lets talk here about all and interesting things in Medicine.
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Re: What's new in the Medical Science?

Postby ghughes » Thu May 05, 2011 9:22 am

Yes, i agree it is very interesting if there could actually be a 100% cure in cancer since it is a growing illness nowadays, also i would like to see some advancement in the cure of AIDS since i have not came across any known effective cure for it whilst there is also a growing number of population having such disease. I do hope that in the near future cures for these seemingly inevitable illnesses will sufice so as to improve the quality of life.
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Re: What's new in the Medical Science?

Postby AlbertHall1990 » Mon May 25, 2020 2:57 am

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Re: What's new in the Medical Science?

Postby flackflores » Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:34 am

Here are the top 5 new medical technologies:

Precision medicine
Health wearables
Artificial organs
Wireless brain sensors
Robotic surgery
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Re: What's new in the Medical Science?

Postby kimberleycooper » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:03 am

Interesting.... 8)
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