English Slang – S

SIDEKICK – /Means: Close friend/ – /Example: She was my sidekick for all these years./ – Щирий друзяка, який завжди поруч

SHAFT – /Means: To treat in an unfair way, to screw/ – /She’s been shafted by him./ – Кинути, надути

SHADES – /Means: Sunglasses/ – /Example: I need to get new shades./ – Сонцезахисні окуляри

SHRED – /Means: Refers to lead electric guitar playing that relies heavily on fast guitar solos/ – /Example: He was the fastest guitar shredder./ – Гра на гітарі; звичайно: соло рок-гітариста; дослівно: шматувати, подерти на клапті

SMOOCH – /Means: To kiss/ – /Example: I love to spend long days with my girlfriend smooching out in her bed./ – Цілуватись, поцілунок

STASH – /Means: To hide or store smth way in a secret place/ – /Example: I found his stash./ – Заначка, тайник

STRUT – /Means: To show off, to walk with exaggerated or unnatural motions expressive of self-importance or self-display/ – /Example: I love to watch her strut./ – Сексуальна, упевнена хода

SUCKS – /Means: Disgusting, bad/ – /That movie sucks./ – Повний відстій, сморід

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    Do you know more English slang words or phrases beginning with the letter S? Feel free to add it here!

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