English Slang – H

HAMMERED – /Means: Totally intoxicated, drunk/ – /Example: He was so hammered that we had to take him home./ – П’яний

HEADBANGER – /Means: A music fan, who violently shakes the head in time with music, most commonly rock music and heavy metal music/ – /Example: He is a headbanger./ – Рок фанат, який трясе головою в такт музики на рок концерті

HIP – /Means: Fashionable/ – /Example: He really tries to be hip./ – Модний, стильний, хіповий

HONKY TONK – /Means: Cowboy club, pub/ – /Example: He spends lots of time at honky tonk./ – Ковбойський бар, клуб

HOOCH – /Means: Moonshine/ – /Example: They drink lots of hooch in that village./ – Самогон

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  1. Lensa says:

    Do you know more English slang words or phrases beginning with the letter H? Feel free to add it here!

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