English Slang – F

FELLA – /Means: Friend, boy, man/ – /Example: Listen, fella, what are you going to do tonight?/ – Хлопець, чоловік, приятель

FLASHBACK – /Means: Memory/ – /Example: At the wedding he had a flashback of his ex girlfriend/ – Погляд у минуле, спогади

FOXY – /Means: Sexy/ – /Example: She is a foxy lady./ – Приваблива, зваблива (спокусниця)

FREAK OUT! – /Means: To become agitated with strong emotion, to traumatize/ – /Example: He freaked out!/ – Викликати збудження, пожвавлення; стривожити, схвилювати, збентежити, зірвати дах

FUZZ – /Means: The police, as an organisation/ – Поліція

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  1. Lensa says:

    Do you know more English slang words or phrases beginning with the letter F? Feel free to add it here!

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