English Slang – E

EYEFUL – /Means: A good long look. – /Example: Get an eyeful of that idiot on the dancefloor./ – Довгий погляд

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  1. siyangephoyadx says:

    Emo – “emotional hardcore”, a type of music and descriptive of the fans of that type of music represented by, often, dress, makeup, and hairstyles, similar to Gothic culture

    eager beaver – an enthusiastic person

    E.R. – emergency room, a place for medical emergencies and sometimes ofter-hours visits to doctors.

    eye candy – usually, someone good to look at, either male or female

    early bird – a person who usually wakes up early in the day

  2. Lensa says:

    Do you know more English slang words or phrases beginning with the letter E? Feel free to add it here!

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