English Slang – B

BIG SHOT – /Means: Important or influential person/ – /Example: There were a lot of big shots./ – Важлива персона, цяця

BIMBO – /Means: An attractive, yet unintelligent woman/ – /Example: She has a lot of bimbo qualities./ – Безглузда кокетка
Also, HIMBO and MIMBO – /Means: An attractive but vacuous man, the male version of a bimbo/

BLACKOUT – /Means: Loss of consciousness/ – /I had a blackout yesterday./ – Повне відключення

BLOWN AWAY – /Means: Amazed/ – /Example: I was blown away by her performance./ – Одуріти, очманіти, бути у захваті

BUDDY – /Means: Friend/ – /Example: You are my buddy!/ – Приятель, друзяка

BUFF – /Means: A physically fit, muscular build person/ – /Example: He a buff./ – Качок

BUGGER OFF! – /Means: Get out!/ – Забирайся геть, вимітайся, іди собі!

BUGGIN’ – /Means: To annoy, to bother/ – /Example: Stop bugging me!/ – Набридати, діставати
BUGGER! – /Means: Expression of annoyance or frustration/

BUMMED OUT – /Means: Depressed, disappointed, in a gloomy mood/ – /He looks bummed out./ – Сумний, пригнічений

BUMMER – /Means: A bad time, a bad experience, disappointment/ – /Example: Summer was a bummer./ – Невдача, облом

BUSTED – /Means: Broken/ – /Example: I am busted./ – Розорений, без грошей

BUZZ – /Means: A thrill/ – /Example: She gets a buzz from being on stage./ – Добрий настрій, кайф
BUZZ – /Means: A telephone call/ – /Example: Give me a buzz tomorrow./ – Телефонувати

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