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English Slang – T

TIPSY – /Means: Slightly drunk/ – /Example: She was tipsy last night./ – Злегка напідпитку THE RUNS – /Means: Diarrhea/ – /Example: That piece of strange looking meat gave him the runs./ – Пронос, діарея TINTS – /Means: Sunglasses/ – /Example: I need to get some tints./ – Сонцезахисні окуляри TRIPPIN’ – /Means: To hallucinate, […]

English Slang – S

SIDEKICK – /Means: Close friend/ – /Example: She was my sidekick for all these years./ – Щирий друзяка, який завжди поруч SHAFT – /Means: To treat in an unfair way, to screw/ – /She’s been shafted by him./ – Кинути, надути SHADES – /Means: Sunglasses/ – /Example: I need to get new shades./ – Сонцезахисні […]

English Slang – R

RAD – /Means: Cool, great, awesome/ – /Example: That bike is totally rad./ – Класний, кльовий, ульотний RATFINK – /Means: A person regarded as contemptible, obnoxious, or otherwise undesirable, traitor, sneak/ – /Example: He is a real ratfink./ – Донощик, виказувач, зрадник RIFF – /Means: A short rhythmic phrase, especially one that is repeated in […]

English Slang – Q

QUARTERBACK – /Means: To lead/ – /Example: Who’s going to quarterback the meeting?/ – Вести, очолювати, керувати QUICK BUCK – /Means: Easy money/ – /Example: Stay with me and I’ll show you some ways to make a quick buck./ – Швидкі та легкі гроші

English Slang – P

PAD – /Means: Apartment, room or house/ – /Example: Stop by my little pad./ – Квартира, хата PARTY ANIMAL – /Means: Person, who loves to party/ – /Example: He is a real party animal./ – Той, хто любить вечірки та тусовки POSER – /Means: A person who habitually pretends to be something he is not/ […]

English Slang – O

ODS AND SODS – /Means: Bits and pieces, miscellaneous items. Also, miscellaneous people/ – /Example: She keeps her ods and sods in a draw./ – Дріб’язок, невеличкі дріб’язкові речі

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